“the greatest showcase of international burlesque talent on Earth”


Founded by the internationally acclaimed producer and burlesque pioneer, Chaz Royal, London Burlesque Festival acts as a centre stage for the world's finest performers, raising the global profile of burlesque and quickly establishing itself as the most prestigious event in the international burlesque calendar.

With a packed schedule of high profile events, celebrity following and a loyal and rapidly expanding fan base, Chaz Royal's London Burlesque Festival showcases the most eclectic and diverse acts in burlesque - pushing the boundaries of the art of the strip and the tease to the max and delivering the electric atmosphere of an unbeatable night out.

"The London audience is a mix of regular cabaret enthusiasts and curious newcomers, who appreciate the finest in burlesque performers as well as sheer glamour and tastefully risqué entertainment. We help develop the most talented new and established performers, right through from the avant garde to erotic, sexy circus artists, exposing them to an international stage and the acclaim of diverse audiences. It's the biggest and best burlesque event in terms of performers and spectators ever to be brought to England's great capital city. London Burlesque Festival is full of colour, panache and excitement and is simply the greatest showcase of international burlesque talent on Earth."

About Burlesque

"The dance art form, once the reserve of posh ladies wanting to get their kit off in a glamorous way, has hit the mainstream - big time."

- THE SUN April 2010

The burlesque revival (beginning in the early 1990's) has swept through the UK, central Europe and North America, breaking out of trend-setting circles and influencing mainstream culture through fashion, music and entertainment.

Bursting onto the front covers of magazines and propelling names such as Dita Von Teese and Chaz Royal onto the international celebrity scene, burlesque has made a glamorous and lasting impression on the cultural landscape.

Bringing glitter, glamour and tease - this hugely popular and exciting art of the strip and the tease has reignited the demand for alternative entertainment and burgeoned into a global industry.

Producer Bio:

LBF producer Chaz Royal

After a decade of promoting, booking and managing International music and live events - in 2001 talented impresario Mark Henderson re-branded as Chaz Royal and blazoned the trail for the 21st century burlesque phenomenon.

Having launched sell out road shows across hundreds of cities throughout North America, the UK & Europe, Chaz went on to create London Burlesque Fest, Amsterdam Burlesque Fest and many other signature events.

With more than 500 burlesque and variety productions to his name - the Chaz Royal brand has become synonymous with the world's most high-profile and successful burlesque events.

Internationally recognised as the 'King of Burlesque' and one of the world's most influential and innovative burlesque producers; the 'Chaz Royal stamp' guarantees the very highest quality of burlesque entertainment.

The 'It Girl of the British burlesque scene", Betty Rose Royal began her burlesque career in 2008 and has been dazzling audiences at home and abroad ever since. With her glittering performance skills, knock out bombshell moves and a cheeky bump n grind she encapsulates everything that is wonderful about burlesque. Trained professionally in theatre and dance she later went on to achieve a degree in events management and has been working behind the scenes in production, stage management and event promotion for a number of years.

In addition to performing and producing, Betty Rose Royal is also a published model, burlesque teacher and occasional host.

Chaz and Betty joined forces in 2011. What started out as a classic story of the producer and the showgirl has resulted in a match made in burlesque heaven (both personally and professionally!) Dedicated to the original spirit of burlesque the Royals pride themselves on producing the highest quality of world class events.